Featured Designer: Giada Forte

This brand is managed by sibling duo Giada and Paolo Forte. Giada is known to be the "heart and soul of the brand." She obtained her degree in knitwear and design at Nottingham Trent University, in England. She currently works as a designer in Paris and Italy. Paolo is known to be the "mind and spinal cord of the company." He studied economics for years, then decided to join the family knitwear business. The two siblings decided they wanted to collaborate together to create something that reflected their true essence. They wanted their brand to be known for having the personality of pure, essential, sincere, and filled with emotion. In 2002 the brand forte_forte was born. Filled with "timeless pieces, feminine and delicate." The pieces are created using the finest Italian fabrics and embellished with hand-made details. Every season tells a story of their ever evolving brand filled with Giada and Paolo's passion. 

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