Designer Spotlight: Nalho

Nalho shoes are lightweight and comfortable made from memory foam yoga mats. Perfect for everyday wear Nalho sandals slip on and off and absorb heal shock and relieve pressure in the ball of the foot. Their espadrille sandals were inspired by India and their rich culture. Many colors make up the line inspired by spices, jewelry, and artisan crafts. 

Nalho supports CATW an organization that fights against human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women, and children globally. "Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry, with several million trafficked each year." ( CATW is an independent organization that is "working to end human trafficking, and the commercial exploitation of women and children." (

Nalho currently donates a portion of their profits to CATW as well as works to spread awareness on the organization and the purpose it serves... in addition to educating the public on human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 


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